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Recycling Center Locator aims at assisting your efforts to increase recycling in your area, to protect our planet and make it a better place and why not to make some money.

Recycling centers are the facilities used to collect and store temporarily recyclables, before sent to industries for treatment and/or re-manufacture. The role of recycling centers is supportive to your city’s waste management scheme and it does not aim to replace it but to augment it.

Most recycling centers consist of a warehouse-style space equipped with bins, crates and big containers to store the recyclables; however variations may appear.

Main types of recycling centers

Drop-off centers

Drop-off recycling centers are probably the most widespread, because they are easy to operate. Homeowners bring their recyclables to an established central location equipped with the appropriate equipment (bins, containers, etc.).

Even areas with curbside pickup use drop-off centers not only to assist recycling but to collect as well hazardous materials such as paint, aerosol spray cans, etc.

Buy-back centers

Buy-back recycling centers are similar to drop-off centers, with the difference that they pay homeowners for the recyclables they drop-off. The price that homeowners receive relies on market values. They may not be seen as typical recycling centers but more like retail businesses, such as scrap yards that buy metal by weight.

Additionally to the recycling centers it is worthy to mention Deposit/Refund programs, which more or less are known to everyone. We all have purchase a beverage in a can or bottle. A deposit is added to the sale price aiming to “convince” users to deliver empty bottles or cans to a collection center and get back the deposit.

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