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Allied Waste Recycling

Find below all contact information of Allied Waste Recycling in Dubuque, Iowa:

Recycle Center Details:

Address: 1755 Radford Rd

City: Dubuque

State: Iowa

ZipCode: 52002

Telephone Number:

Fax Number:

Pickup: No

Drop-off: Yes

Curbside: No



Allied Waste Recycling Map Location:


Materials Accepted by Allied Waste Recycling:

Plastic #1 (PETE)
Plastic #2 (HDPE)
Plastic #2 (Color HDPE)
Plastic #3 (PVC)
Plastic #4 (LDPE)
Plastic #5 (Polypropylene)
Plastic #6 (Polystyrene)
Plastic #7
Paper (Mixed)


All Information provided about the Allied Waste Recycling recycle center is provided as is. We cannot guarantee that all information is up to date or 100% accurate. We try hard to keep updated, including information about “Allied Waste Recycling” recycling center.
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